Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur Master system dont voici les améliorations:

-Correct a major bug in paddle control emulation. Woody pop and other now have smooth displacement instead of discret one. European paddle is not emulated. Please use -jap and -paddle option together.

-Correct few bugs in Windows version of the Frontend. Change default value of region, remove ‘show cmd line button’ and modify command line generation.

-Modify Osmose to store its files into clean subdirectory, instead of all files into current path. Screenshots are saved into ./screen directory, tiles into ./tiles, sound capture into ./snd and battery backed memory in ./bbr directory.

-Bertram provide new wxOsmose version and debian packages. Thanks Bertram 🙂

-Correct I/O emulation things in IOMapper. This should improve paddle emulation accuracy.

A noter que Bruno Vedder va être absent pour au moins une année sans pouvoir écrire de code, il met donc ses projets en standby. Bonne continuation 🙂

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