UberNES est un émulateur NES tournant sous Windows écrit par MK Productions. Le but n’est pas de produire le meilleur projet de tout les temps ni le plus rapide d’ailleurs mais un nouveau projet qui contient des possibilité que n’offre pas les autres émulateurs…

– Completely re-wrote video emulation, result is much more accurate emulation – games such as Rad Racer, Marble Madness, Crystalis, and Final Fantasy 2 are now playable.

– Added support for following iNES mappers:
68 (Sunsoft Mapper 4)
77 (Early Irem Mapper #0)
88 (Namcot 118)

– Added high score agents for 10 new games; users can now compete for the world high score in the following games:
Rad Racer
Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!!
Super Mario Bros. 3
Pipe Dream
Donkey Kong Jr.
Life Force

– Added support for four-screen PPU mirroring

– Added a new feature that displays all of the changes in the worldwide stats when a new revision of the stats is downloaded. This makes it very easy to see what the new
high scores are, what games have been played recently, etc.

– Added more box descriptions to NES database

Télécharger GCC v3.2.2 v0.63 à v0.89 (6,4 Mo)

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