Dejà une nouvelle version du meilleur gestionnaire de dats/roms. En voici les nouveautés:

– fixed: profiler garbage collection removes wrong fastscan files
– fixed: tree/list splitter is set by some special left clicks, even if no splitter movement is wanted.
– fixed: html report counts not scanned profiles as complete
– fixed: save miss and have list will open only one for viewing
– fixed: last scan’s statistics aren’t remembered when closing profile
– misc: you can change the buttonlayout (6×1, 1×6, 3×2, 2×3) in about’s popupmenu
– misc: several gui/text/menu changes
– misc: mainwindow is resized to bitmap size (64×64 per button) (even on desktops with unusual resolutions / dpi)
– misc: html report can be optionally viewed directly

Toujours autant de fixes, à croire que ce logiciel est blindé de bugs…

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