Avec du retard, voici un build de Virtual Jaguar GCC/SDL compilé à partir des dernières sources CVS disponibles. Voici les changements sur une année:

* src/dac.cpp: Added missing parens to LHS of FIFO
spinlocks–should work properly now.
* src/: cdbios.cpp, cdi.cpp: No longer needed (bye bye!)
* src/jerry.cpp: New timer based code (still not 100% correct, but
* src/: dsp.cpp, gpu.cpp: Added a header file to compensate for
files removed
* src/m68kconf.h: Turned on USE_64_BIT optimization
* src/m68k.h: Added note as to which version of Musashi we’re
* src/objectp.cpp: Added a header file to compensate for files
* src/vj.cpp: Minor cleanups
* Makefile: Minor cleanups and changes to handle source
* INSTALL: Moved to ./docs
* docs/INSTALL: Moved from ./
* src/: blitter.h, cdintf.h, cdrom.h, clock.h, crc32.h, cry2rgb.h,
dac.h, dsp.h, eeprom.h, font1.h, font14pt.h, gpu.h, gui.h,
guielements.h, jagdasm.h, jaguar.h, jerry.h, joystick.h, log.h,
memory.h, objectp.h, scsidefs.h, sdlemu_config.h, sdlemu_opengl.h,
settings.h, tom.h, types.h, unzip.h, version.h, video.h,
wavetable.h, wnaspi32.h: Moved from ./src
* docs/README: 1.0.8 update
* src/anajoy.cpp: No longer needed (Bye bye!)
* src/video.cpp: Changed remaining 16BPP modes to 32BPP
* src/version.cpp: Cosmetic change
* src/sdlemu_opengl.c: Added overlay texture for resolution
indepence for the GUI (preliminary)
* src/: jaguar.cpp, jerry.cpp, tom.cpp: New timer based execution
* src/gui.cpp: New 640×480 overlay is independent of the underlying
resolution. 😀
* src/gpu.cpp: Changed cycles to reflect pipelined architecture
(still not right)
* src/dac.cpp: Changed to allow no sound system init
* src/clock.cpp: New timer based system code
* docs/WHATSNEW: 1.0.8 update
* docs/TODO: More stuff that needs fixing 😉
* Makefile: New GUI font, remove ‘analog joystick’ code
* src/version.cpp: Update for 1.0.8 release
* src/jerry.cpp: Fixes to remove old (and unused) clock code
* src/gui.cpp: 32BPP rendering/new exit behaviour for cmd line
* src/: jaguar.cpp, tom.cpp, video.cpp: Changes for 32BPP rendering
* src/clock.cpp: Support for new timer based execution
* docs/: TODO, WHATSNEW: Updates for 1.0.8 release
* src/video.cpp: Formalized the frameskip support started by Niels
* vj.cfg, src/settings.cpp: Added frameskip support
* src/sdlemu_opengl.c: Small change with the OpenGL/Texture
* src/cdintf_linux.cpp: Forgot a } in cdintf_linux.cpp which
results in a compile error.
* docs/WHATSNEW, docs/TODO, src/cdintf_linux.cpp: Added new items
because of the v1.0.7 release.
* src/video.cpp: Clean up of certain code and adding of new
functions related to OpenGL.
* src/sdlemu_opengl.c: Expended OpenGL rendering with 16, 24 and 32
bit texture types.
* src/: sdlemu_opengl.c, video.cpp: Expended OpenGL rendering with
16, 24 and 32 bit texture types.
* src/cdintf_linux.cpp: Added experimental/non-working(?) JaguarCD
interface for Linux
* docs/TODO: More bugs to fix. 🙂
* src/: cdintf_linux.cpp, cdintf_osx.cpp: forgot a const
declaration (double D’oh!)
* src/: cdintf_linux.cpp, cdintf_osx.cpp: added missing #include
* src/tom.cpp: Timer fixes, some PAL fixes
* src/jerry.cpp: Timer fixes, BUTCH support
* src/jaguar.cpp: Update to main jag loop, hooks for debugging CD
* src/gui.cpp: Various fixes, ability to pass in cart from command
* src/blitter.cpp: Added some commentary
* src/dac.cpp: Added missing ‘who’, added BUTCH support
* src/dsp.cpp: Fixed/added more debugging stuff
* src/m68kdasm.c: Fix to convert lower case hex to UPPER CASE (as
it should be!)
* src/crc32.cpp: Function consolidation/cleanups
* src/cdrom.cpp: Major rewrite/added BUTCH functionality
* src/cdintf.cpp: Minor cleanup
* src/: cdintf_linux.cpp, cdintf_osx.cpp, cdintf_win32.cpp: Added
function implementation 😉
* src/cdi.cpp: Minor cleanup (this file will go away soon)
* src/video.cpp: Beginnings of PAL fixesto video subsystem
* src/vj.cpp: Passes cart name to GUI if invoked on cmd line
* compile: Added SDL detection
* Makefile: Removed some objs, added math optimization
* src/: cdintf.cpp, cdintf_linux.cpp, cdintf_osx.cpp,
cdintf_win32.cpp: New OS dependent CDROM code
* compile: Added extra OSX check
* Makefile: Added OS dependent CDROM stuff
* compile: Added correct OSTYPE for MacOSX
* src/dsp.cpp: Fixed memory leak/timing tweaking
* src/gpu.cpp: Fixed memory leak
* src/jaguar.cpp: Lots of commentary/minor updates
* src/tom.cpp: Minor memory allocation/free fixup
* src/jerry.cpp: Minor function renaming
* src/cdrom.cpp: Cleanups/fixes (more to come!)
* src/: cdbios.cpp, cdi.cpp: Commentary update 😉
* src/blitter.cpp: Even more blitter fixes
* src/version.cpp: Minor function renaming
* src/memory.cpp: Minor cleanups
* src/log.cpp: Header shuffling
* src/dac.cpp: Fixed memory leak
* src/video.cpp: Moved SDL initialization to vj.cpp
* src/vj.cpp: Moved SDL initialization here (from video.cpp)
* src/objectp.cpp: Fixed memory leak
* src/gui.cpp: Added ugly OSX compatibility hack
* src/settings.cpp: Sanity update for finding vj.cfg
* compile: Forgot to run it through dtou (for *nix folks 😉
* Makefile: A few minor tweaks…
* INSTALL: 1.0.7 update
* fix-unix.sh, Makefile.unix, Makefile.win32: No longer needed
* vj.cfg: Set the new pipelined DSP to off (default)
* Makefile, compile: New unified makefile architecture
* INSTALL, Makefile.unix, Makefile.win32, docs/README, docs/TODO:
1.0.7 update
* src/gui.cpp: Update to credits…
* src/tom.cpp: Removed Doom kludge
* src/blitter.cpp: Initial blitter fixes (to be cleaned up)

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