Nouvelle version de ce build non officiel de Mame32 dont voici les changements:

– Updated to MAME 0.97u5 – MAME32 0.97u5
– Cleaned up Input Log Display feature. shortcut is BACKSPACE. (CANAME, USE_SHOW_INPUT_LOG macro)
– Cleaned up src/inptport.c, src/usrintrf.c source code. (make_input_log() source code)
– Supported Input Log Display for all players. (Shortcut key: Shift + Page Up, Shift + Page Down)
– You can check exactly what buttons you are pressing in real time using this display,
which displays input commands at the bottom of the screen. (in CANAME)
– Removed windows/window.c, windows/multidef.h. (They’re included now in official MAME)
– Took another crack at fixing the compilation problems caused by using multi-monitor stubs on Windows. [Krick]

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