Ce très bon émulateur multi-console sega est le premier à émuler les (5 !) jeux 32X CDs, et la souris Megadrive. Au moins du même niveau que Gens+Meka. steve snake en est l’auteur. Ce build remplace les projets précédent à savoir Kega et Kega Lazarus.

* Split this file into README.TXT and HISTORY.TXT and basically redid
README.TXT. Some of the info in there was very out of date, and there
is some very important info I needed to add for this version.
* Fixed a minor sound issue I forgot to take care of last time.
* Rewrote High Priority stuff, now sets the priority differently.
* Added Keyboard Shortcut for CVBS TV Mode that I forgot to add before.
* Fixed GameGear Zoom with Render Plugins.
* Added option (set via ini file only) to disable the TV static effect.
There isn’t really any need to do this because it takes close to zero
CPU time anyway. Still – StaticDisabled=1 turns it off.
* Fusion now remembers it’s window coordinates between sessions.
* Added selectable (via ini file only) refresh rates for PAL and NTSC.
See the section in README.TXT on EXPERT OPTIONS for more info.
* Added the ability to specify what video modes etc. are used, and to have
the mode switched automatically. See the section in README.TXT on
EXPERT OPTIONS for more info.
* Improved Command Line support. You can still specify which console to
start up, as before, but now it should not be neccessary, as Fusion
will try to detect this automatically. You can now specify options and
filename in any order. You can now start Fusion without a file if you
really want to.
* Changed all references to the SegaCD « Internal RAM » to « Built-In RAM » to
match what the BIOS calls it. This will probably be less confusing to
people trying to understand the following feature… I did not alter
the filename used for « Per BIOS » saves, for compatibility reasons.
* Added new functionality to the Load RAM Cart option – now it is valid to
load a Gens-style file here. You will be given the option to load the
Built-In RAM or the Cartridge RAM part of this file. The part you select
will be converted into Cartridge RAM and loaded, the original file will
not be altered. Now it is much easier for you to copy data from either or
both parts of a Gens save into your normal Built-In RAM file.
* Added File History. CTRL-ALT-L will load the most recently used file.
(be sure to disable key shortcuts if you’re likely to use these three
keys while playing ;)) There is another (ini file only) option related
to the File History – ShortenHistoryNames=1 will show just the file name
rather than the full path name in the History.
* Fusion now supports the ‘Illegal’ 32X video mode correctly.
* Fixed crash bug that could occur if you tried to load some invalid file
as a SegaCD image.
* Fixed occasional crash bug with The Incredible Hulk.
* Fixed a couple of problems I found with SMS/GG emulation – Terminator 2
The Arcade Game (GameGear) no longer has palette problems as a result,
this probably fixed other games too.
* Fixed Counter problem with Samurai Showdown.
* Fixed strange problem that could occur when loading certain games after
Sonic 3.
* Fixed problem I seem to have introduced last year sometime with Sonic CD.
* Fixed excessive music slowdown issue with the Thunderforce games. Fusion
now behaves exactly like the real hardware – meaning it still slows down
sometimes, but only very slightly.
* Fixed problem that occurs when you die on the second level of SoulStar
(SegaCD). The music and the game will now continue as normal.
I also made a lot of other changes to try to resolve certain other issues,
but the details of all that is unimportant.

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