Nouvelle version pour ce frontend destiné à mame et dont voici les changements:

Important: Because of some major changes to the database engine you have to delete the complete INI folder when upgrading from a previous version.
– New : Added ‘Quick Search Mode’ option. This enables the searchbox to work in real-time. (Disabled by default)
– New : The background color of the history area and picture area can now be changed as well.
– New : Added the rom scan date to the status bar.
– New : Added option ‘Hide Mouse’.
– Fixed : Small issue in the mame.ini reading code. (Introduced in version 5.0.8)
– Fixed : The loading screen now displays long rom descriptions correctly.
– Fixed : Corrected some popup hints and increased the popup time to 8 seconds. (previously 2 seconds)
– Fixed : Small bug in the data filter code.
– Fixed : Minor memory leak when using mameinfo.dat and history.dat
– Fixed : Now resets the search filter after rescanning the roms.
– Fixed : Launching the help file wasn’t possible anymore (‘Unable to find a Table of contents’)
– Improved : Optimized automatic searching for valid mame binaries.
– Improved : Optimized some search algorythm routines. (about 20% faster)

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