Nouvelles versions pour PinMame et ses dérivés.

Visual PinMAME:
– Fixes to controller.hidden for ATI cards

Bugs Fixed:
– Fixes for Bally Vector switches
– WMS-S7: Fixed multiplexed solenoids on Defender
– WMS-S4: Defined missing special solenoids on some games
– GamePlan: These games are now well behaved on game over/match
– Bally-35: Fixed switch column 6 on Vector and added some missing sound diagnostic switches
– Spinball: Some improvements and tweaks. These games should work much better now (We still need to find the roms for Verne’s World)
– Overflow Interrupt handling improved on I8051 CPU core to help prevent hang-ups on Spinball emulation [Thomas Behrens]
– Mr. Game: Video dip switch bug resolved that permanently disabled collision detection
– Gottlieb: System3 driver bug found that kept displays from working perfectly, so now all alphanumeric games should have their correct displays [Gerrit Volkenborn, Steve Ellenoff]
– No Good Gofers flippers working reliably now [Gerrit Volkenborn]

New Features:
– Premier Strikes n’ Spares: Support for 2nd DMD, fully working.
– Mr. Game: Support for 2nd Generation Video & Sound Hardware, working very well, but still some glitches exist.
– Mr. Game: Rom support for World Cup 90 [Steve Ellenoff]
– Premier Strikes n’ Spares: Support for Sound, fully working.
– Added CDP1802 CPU support from MESS (for Playmatic games)
– Working support for Peyper / Sonic (Spain) hardware
– Added preliminary support for Playmatic, Sleic (Spain), LTD (Brazil)
– Sound support for GamePlan Cyclopes and Inder Brave Team [Gerrit Volkenborn]
– Bally sound diagnostic function implemented [Thomas Behrens]
– Support for Gottlieb’s « Bone Busters Inc. » extra DAC sound board [Gerrit Volkenborn, Steve Ellenoff, Tom Haukap, Brian Smith]
– Added support for ROMs: RCT, Playboy (Stern), NFL, House of Diamonds, Dinosaur Eggs, Mach 2, 250cc, Corsario, Night Moves, alternate sets for Data East Star Wars and Mr. Game Motor Show, and some others…

Télécharger PinMAMEW v2.5 (1,3 Mo)

Télécharger PinMAME32 v2.5 (1,4 Mo)

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