Nouvelle version pour ce manager de roms dont voici les changements:

* Sick of searching new datfiles? Not knowing which are up2date? Tired of visiting dozens of www sites to get new dats? Don’t know how many new dats which don’t have yet are out there….well….that’s over….Happily introduce to you: The WWW PROFILER
* For more information read the wwwprofiler.txt file.

Some further stuff:

* added: save set-list options added as copy to clipboard options too
* added: delete options added as move (to a selectable folder) options too
* added: rebuilder adv. lets you set the cache size for no-recompress rebuilds (8-128MB)
* misc: optimized rebuilder’s additional sha1/md5 checks
* misc: profiler window and progresswindow shows correct icon 😉
* misc: better remebering of last used profile
* misc: readded some custom treecontrol functions (speeding up tree)
* misc: rebuilder log gives some more detailed information for ‘skip’ events
* misc: don’t show number of received bytes anymore when importing data (reporting the size fluently could be the cause for some broken imports)
* fixed: some rare exception in the 3rd party zipclass library
* fixed: nodump handling controls can get enabled for some non-nodump dats
* fixed: pressing progress window cancel in batchrun mode doesn’t let you stop the batchrun optionally as well in all cases
* fixed: since the zipscanner detects zips by structures and not by fileextension .zip it may run into trouble with file which are renamed zips.

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