MamePlus et à jour pour u3.

* Korean Page is back!
* updated to MAME 0.100u3
* added 3 wof hacks to CPS1 [HappyASR, Creamymami @ EGCG]:

三國英雄傳(Sanguo Yingxiong Zhuan), 三劍聖(San Jian Sheng), 三聖劍(San Sheng Jian)

* when hack rom sets are added, we’ll try to ensure they were dumped from real arcade games (or at least the form of)
* some new icons and logo for GUI
* fixed GUI background selection
* fixed Strory tab
* fixed osd settings saving bug
* fixed v60 bug caused by GCC4

Version Intel dispo.

Télécharger Commodore C64 (01/2008) (35,2 Ko)

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En savoir plus…