Un émulateur multi-consoles qui émule la Game Boy (N&B/Color), la Game Boy Advance, la Lynx, la PC Engine…

– Modified the OpenGL code to use glTexSubImage2D() instead of glTexImage2D() every frame, resulting in a slight performance increase.
– Modified the OpenGL code to use smaller texture sizes with most PC Engine games(at least those that run at a width of 256 pixels; exceptions include Aoi Blink, R-Type 1 and 2, Yo Bros., and others).
– Lynx: Moved CMikie::Update() and C65C02::Update() into c65c02.cpp and mikie.cpp, respectively.
– Fixed pointer-to-integer type casting that was causing compiler errors under Ubuntu Linux AMD64.
– Modified a lot of code to work around/fix various compiler warnings.
– Fixed a few typos in the documentation.

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