Nouvelle version pour le meilleur émulateur Commodore Amiga dont voici les changements:

Bugs fixed:

– Incorrect AF 2005 path defaults.
– Blitter freeze in CE-mode if D-channel was not enabled.
– Misc/Priority panel crash when running under Windows 9x/ME.
– Parallel port emulation. (Gauntlet III)
– Two disk emulation bugs. (Xybots, Disposable Hero and others)
– Incorrect .uae extension path if -datapath -command line
parameter was used.

New features:

– Old versions of AdaptecASPI and NeroASPI are now automatically
rejected. No more crashes or bluescreens under Windows 9x/ME if
Windows build-in ASPI is used.
– Full SCSI device support in SPTI-mode.
– Display panel resolution and depth moved to separate select boxes
– Disk history format changed. File name is now visible even if
path is very long.

Télécharger WinUAE (x86) v3.6.1 (6,0 Mo)

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