Nouvelle version de cet émulateur Nintendo DS.

The iDeaS Team has decided to release the newest version of the emulator. The download can be accessed from the Latest Release tab on the left, the Download section being still under contruction. Here are the changes:

– Added Video, Audio and 3D Plugin System (VERY primitive, ask before developing anything!)
– Corrected some DSP ARM9 errors
– Added swi9 in ARM9 BIOS

– Corrected some errors in extended palettes’ management
– Corrected an error in sprite drawing routines
– Corrected some errors in Mode 3, 4, 5

– Added Texture Modes 3, 4, 5
– Corrected some errors in 3D FiFo management
– Optimized texture management

– Bug Fixes in TouchScreen management
– Bug fixes in firmware emulation

Télécharger HiSMS 0.01 béta 1 (232,0 Ko)

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