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10th January 2006 – GameEx 5.34

First off happy new year to all GameEx users and supporters.
5.34 is the first update of 2006 but probably just one of many.
Its only a maintenance release.
I do however have some WIP.
I’ve started work on custom menus, this should be complete fairly soon.
And I’ve also started work on something I’m calling GameExtender, which is the equivalent of an LCD Display but on an actual PC monitor/projector or TV. It can be run on a different pc on the LAN, and will display game artwork, and information about what your doing or playing in GameEx. As you can see there is future potential with this for future ‘networking’ support in GameEx but I’m not saying anything else or promising anything for now 😉 (but its nothing to do with XBOX!). But in the near future I see it being used by people who wish to add or have another display on their cab. Once I release the first version of GameEx with this, Ill as usual accept requests trying to enhance it.
TV Support is still planned. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this. It will start off very simple but stable, and grow. So don’t expect MCE in the first release (or ever), but expect solid timeshifting and analog channel changing.
Anyway this is what’s new in 5.34
Media controls now show at all times in supported themes, even if your not playing the Jukebox.
Aspect ratio is now remembered when restarting GameEx
Fixed glitches when Toolbar set to only display when mouse is over it.
GameEx will now install if you only have .net framework 2.0 installed.
Happy new year.

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