Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de Msx dont voici les informations:

Today we released an update of openMSX Catapult 0.6.0. It is a bug-fix release for Windows users.

Shortly after release, we found out that a small number of users had problems with some registry keys. This is due to the wxWidgets library we use. Although we don’t fully understand what went wrong, we recompiled the library without the components that caused the misbehaviour. We also removed unicode support from it, which limited Catapult to work only on Windows NT, 2000 and XP.

There was also another smaller problem that affected all Windows users: when starting Catapult for the first time, the « MSX Type » combobox would appear empty. Starting openMSX like that crashed the application. This was corrected and is in fact the only thing that changed to the source code, compared to the previous release.

Non-Windows users don’t need to update, as they will not notice any difference.

Because of the updated Catapult, we put two new binary Windows distributions online, the usual installer and zip file. Both contain the updated Catapult and exactly the same openMSX binary as the previous 0.6.0 packages. The source of Catapult has of course also been replaced by the updated one.

Note that we have hardly tested the release on Windows 98, but we have heard from some users that there might be smaller or bigger problems there. If you experience problems, let us know.

Obviously we can use more Windows developers to help us with openMSX and Catapult! You are still warmly invited.

Télécharger OpenMSX (x86) v0.14.0 (6,6 Mo)

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