Il s’agit d’un émulateur NES pour Windows créé par Martin Freij. Cet ému dispose de plusieurs fonctions bien sympatiques comme le Game Genie, VS System, Famicom Disk System, player de son NSF, sauvegardes/Slots, patch IPS, enregistrement video/audio etc…

Windows Additions:
* Any input key may now be mapped to a joystick.
* Alternative set of icons provided by Pongbashi.

Windows Changes:
* Auto-monitor-frequency setting is now applied after exiting the dialog.

Windows Fixes:
* Grayed Power-off menu item.
* Controllers in netplay.

Emulator Additions:
* Mapper 102 (SUNSOFT-3R) for « Shanghai (redump) ».
* RP2C03B/RC2C05-03 palette. Info from Kevtris.
* Color decoder control via R-Y/G-Y/B-Y angle+gain. Comes with three presets.
* Support for NSF files that use more than one external soundchip.

Emulator Changes:
* More accurate NES chroma/luma coefficients. Info from Blargg.

Emulator Fixes:
* Mapper 83. Fixes intro in « World Heroes 2 ».
* Mapper 185. Patch for « Seicross (redump) ».
* APU triangle step-sequencer reset bug.
* Some NSF player bugs.
* Some database entries.

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