C’est noel chez tonton Guru, il a en effet reçu deux nouveaux cadeaux.

2 packages arrived.

Crazy Fight (Subsino, 2001) – purchased by Brian T. on ebay
CPS2 USB adapter thingy, thanks to Charles MacDonald 🙂

Here’s a pic of it hooked up.

The adapter plugs into the 64-pin CN7 on the B board. The chips on the bench are the original ROMs and PALs. ROM3 is changed and ROM10 is added. Plus 1 PAL on the A board is changed and 2 PALs on the B board are changed. Unfortunately, none of the PALs were socketed and this particular B board didn’t have a CN7 connector! So I had to desolder a CN7 connector from another dead CPS2 board and solder it to this board and desolder and socket the 3 PALs as well! Luckily she still works!
It’s not that exciting to look at though 😉

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