Applewin est un émulateur Apple IIe pour Windows développé par Oliver Schmidt (et basé sur AppleWin v1.10 de Michael O’Brien). Depuis que ses sources ont été releasé, de nouveaux builds non officiels sont sortis. Celui ci est l’oeuvre de Tom Charlesworth.

– *** Major re-write of debugger by Michael Pohoreski ***
. Debugger v2.4.2.15: Improvements & new features abound!
+ Syntax coloring, navigation, execution (eg. step-out), view memory as varying Ascii types
+ Symbol maintenance (main, user, source), source-level debugging, mini-calculator
+ Breakpoints: conditional on register, profiling + much more
. See: Introduction to New Debugger
– Fixed speaker volume not being set correctly at start-up
– Fixed emulation speed control (was only running at 1MHz)
– Fixed internal ADC: was flagged as write to memory
– Fixed internal BRK: only pushed PC+1, not PC+2 to stack
– Fixed CPU not getting properly reset (eg. SP) on Ctrl+Reset
– Changed attenuation on AY8910 outputs before mixing: MB: none (was 2/3), Phasor: still 2/3

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