Nouvelle version pour ce frontend multi-émulateurs dont voici les changements:

* Enhancements:
– Support for .OGM video files.
– Support for .KAR Karaoke files.
– New option in attract mode/screensaver to only launch your stored favourites.
– Registered users get the new DVD’s (AKA DVD’s on Disk module), which allows playing and access of any DVD’s on your hard disk or Network, with automatic DVD artwork download and the ability to use FFDSHOW.
(A little similar I suppose to My Movies in MCE)
(DVD Codec required)

* Fixes:
– Karaoke Playlist and Playlist Shuffle
– Configuration now showing all help text again.
– DirectDraw bounds checking for audio level display.
– Enhanced Karaoke module, based on the fact Karaoke files generally have no tag information.
– Album artwork, and video snaps showing at wrong aspect.

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