UberNES est un émulateur NES tournant sous Windows écrit par MK Productions. Le but n’est pas de produire le meilleur projet de tout les temps ni le plus rapide d’ailleurs mais un projet qui contient des possibilité que n’offre pas les autres émulateurs…

# Added comprehensive movie support

* A polished interface makes recording and playing movies easy – no matching of movie filenames to ROM filenames is required.
* Movie files are highly compressed – 20 minutes of gameplay typically compresses down to about 5 KB.
* « Checkpoints » can be added to movies, allowing the user to instantly jump to key points in movies such as boss battles.
* You can view NES controller overlays as movies play, showing exactly which buttons are pressed.
* A local movie gallery feature makes it easy to browse, playback and manage your gameplay movies.

# Added online movie gallery

* Using the online movie gallery feature, you can browse, download, and play the best movies from UberNES users around the world.
* Currently, the movie gallery has many nice movies ranging from UberNES high score runs to start-to-finish completion movies of difficult games.
* UberNES performs gameplay validation checks to ensure that all movies are legitimate gameplay sessions and not cheat/emulator enhanced.
* You can submit your own NES movies using the built-in local movie gallery.

# Added high score support for 5 new games (50 total); users can compete for worldwide high scores in the following games:

* Marble Madness
* Donkey Kong 3
* 3D World Runner
* Ms. Pac-Man
* Elevator Action

# Added more box descriptions to NES database

Télécharger GCC v3.2.2 v0.63 à v0.89 (6,4 Mo)

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