Nouvelle version de l’émulateur MZ-700 de Michael Franzen pour Windows. En voici les changements:

– New CPU-kernel
– Coleco works better now
– Carnival completed
– Spectrums work better now
– Assembler integrated
– Drive 4 is a virtual disk drive. Copy your files to this drive and start the emu
– The emu has a Spectrum 128 port now and is able to process *.Z80-files.
– Bookmarks are used by the emu (folder). Files put into the bookmark folder will be written to the emu INI file automatically. The bookmark(s) can be selected for execution. Sharp disks will be executed automatically.
– Drag and Drop is expanded for Sharps, Coleco and Spectrums.
– The display mode (2x) works better now.
– Errors corrected in Z80-kernel
– Coleco is able to process 32k ROMs
– Coleco keys # and * are usable by q and w now
– About 90% of all Coleco programs are executable now
– Interrupt processes of the Z80 kernel are tuned up
– Colors will be displayed more exactly
– No longer problems using the Carnival emulation
– You can play Bombjack, but the colors are not correctly displayed this time. Please be patient.
– Sound generator tuned up for the MZ-800/1500/Coleco/Spectrum and errors corrected.
– Some changes for the Spectrum 128 (tuned)

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