DOSBox est un émulateur PC utilisant le system d’exploitation DOS. Il tourne sous Windows et est très pratique pour lancer des vieux jeux Dos qui ne tourne plus chez vous.

* 4/15/16/32bpp VESA mode support
* Lot’s of fixes for better vga compatibility
* Improved CGA composite output
* Added video capturing to avi
* Improved screen updating for more speed
* PCjr machine mode added
* Speedup cpu cores and fix endian issues
* FPU core speedup with assembly
* Improved keyboard and bios handling
* Lockfree mouse mode added again
* Improved builtin dos with umbs and better fat support
* Added VCPI emulation and fixed some issues with ems
* Improved support for booter games
* Modem and IPX support improved for multiplayer
* Countless other bugfixes and features added

Télécharger DOSBox v0.74-3 (1.4 Mo)

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