Conçu pour gérer à la base les roms MAME, clrmame supporte maintenant un nombre conséquent de set de roms via des fichiers dats. Le plus complet et le plus performant des managers de roms.

* fixed: ‘file sharing problem’ handles files as missing
* fixed: browse for folder didn’t work very on some XP systems (very rare issue)
* fixed: adv. rebuilder’s remove-only creates some not-used folders
* misc: support for chds in a pure rompath is now only optionally available. It’s not officially supported in MAME anymore, so you have to keep them in rompath subfolders now….or you enable the new scanner advanced option to allow them in a rompath root.
* misc: compiled with new zipclass lib
* misc: changed some optimization compiler settings
* misc: warningswindow shows an info about « fix-missing scans all files » (when used)

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