Un nouveau build CVS de DOSBox est disponible.

:: New build : DOSBox 0.65 CVS (05/15/2006)
Thanks to Bimilsonya, Krounz, and Gulikoza
– The following patches are added.
* HQ2X/HQ3X patch
Krounz recently created a new HQnX against current cvs.
* Show true FPS
Gulikoza’s simple, useful patch
* Auto Cycle Guessing & Turbo mode working together
It’s possible to use auto cycle with turbo mode by pressing special keys.
* Continuous Turbo mode (Ctrl-Alt-F12)
I made this feature for users who want to use turbo mode for a long time.
* Menu bar
Sorry, this menu bar does not work properly.
Should be fixed. (it needs message hooking?)
Thanks to Bimilsonya (a member in my Korean page)
* Intro improvement
Type INTRO on your prompt to see an improved introduction.
– The following patch is updated.
* More parameters support in internal commands
A bug fixed in ‘copy con’. Ignore ‘type nul’.
– Fixed a bug in zip mount (physfs)
You can see a list of directories and files in a directory mounted with .zip
Thanks to Krounz
– Some minor bugs fixed.

NB: On rappel que vous trouverez une traduction française de DosBox (ainsi que des guides d’utilisations) chez notre partenaire: la clinique des JV

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