Mame Player est un tout petit frontend destiné à mame dont voici les nouveautés :

– Added: option to verify ALL sets (prompts user on first run and can be changed from
interface options).
– Changed: doesn’t allow root rompath for CHD files when searching for files and folders.
– Fixed: statusbar and file menu game description not updating when removing game from favorites.
– Added: controller mapping to game options.
– Fixed: controller input layout dropdown not showing what it read from mame’s ini.
– Changed: minimise to tray is now off by default.
– Added: a manifest file (tells the application to use Xp style controls), you can delete
this if you do not want Xp buttons, comboboxs and frames. This does not work right with earlier versions of MAME Player.
– Added: play selected game from tray.
– Added: open set from tray.
– Fixed: gamelist going out of focus after mame is exited.
– Changed: d3dfilter option to boolean (checkbox).
– Added: Option to not use history.dat. This makes starting mp faster, and uses even less memory.
So if you do not want to use history.dat with mp, uncheck this. Offcourse, if you do not have a history.dat file, it won’t be loaded anyway.

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