Nouvelle release candidate de ce frontend avant tout destiné à Mame (il gère également Winvice, Kega Fusion, FCE Ultra – NES, VisualBoy Advance et Zinc) et dont voici les améliorations:

– Added the ability to rotate videos in realtime. Now it is possible to display attract videos on rotated screens (90, 180, 270).
– Added the ability to execute commands before and after emulator execution.
– Added a sub folder search for rom files of non mame emulators.
– Added more placeholder for the emulator command line: rom path, parent rom name and rom extension.
– Complete rework of the ‘Most played game list’ handling. Now available for each emulator.
– Complete rework of the game list tab in the options dialog. Removed all editing stuff. Added a button to lauch MalaGamelist with the selected game list.
– MalaTree and MalaGamelist can be started with command line parameter: Open these apps from the options dialog to edit the tree or a game list with one click.
– Added the ability to add/remove games to/from game lists from the popup menu.
– Names of roms are temporary saved and loaded again after refreshing the main game list.
– Added the ability to update all game properties of all existing game lists for an emulator with values from the main game list.
– Added an optional message box to show the programming of a keyboard encoder.
– Added display of pre/post commands execution to the starting dialog.
– Added emulator command line presets.
– Added a add/remove by description content (include and/or exclude) function to MaLaGamelist
– Added more GUI sounds: quit game, emu switch, attract mode/screensaver start, orientation switch.
– Added a more generic way to launch control panel viewer like CPViewer, CPMaker or Johnny5.
– Added an option to disable the internal jukebox if you want to use an external one.
– Added a function that tracks the selected game list for each emulator and the selected game of a each game list. So the last selected game list and game will be reselected when switching back to an emulator.
– Added a manifest to all applications so they use WinXP controls now.
– Added a new placeholder for text displays and lcd screens: play count.
– Added a property to the layout to hide the game list text display.
– Added more options to the definable naming: rom + 1, rom + 2, rom – 1, rom – 2. This allows to display a marquee picture list of games for example.
– Added an alternative shutdown method (shutdown.exe)
– Some more smaller improvements.

– Wrong listing of game list files when using more then 10 emulators.
– Focus problem when using game start on MaLa start.
– Path of video files for other emulators not saved.
– Not possible to edit LEDs greater 16.
– Access violation in MalaLayout, MalaTree and MalaGamelist when saving a new file.
– Names of games not saved after loading a name file.

– The file format of the game lists and the emulator settings has changed.

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