Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur multi-arcades dont voici les nouveautés:

# Fix compilation errors in xorg, and with versions of allegro which don’t define GFX_XWINDOWS_FULLSCREEN. Also this one works with gcc-4, no more errors about movl.
# Apply patch from Antiriad which adds fix eight bootleg.
# Basic dependencies support in the makefile, so that at least the compilation doesn’t stop with 2 pages of error messages just because we forgot to install a lib (liballeg, sdl and allegro tested).
# Use only -O1 for the optimizations in linux too :
With -O4 it crashes dfeveron after the copyright screen (gcc4) and with gcc-3.4 you get a black screen when starting any game.
All these are fixed by -O1, so I switch to -O1 for now (this is already the case for the windows version).
# Fix the stupid segfault in multchmp. (it crashes only the windows and dos version apparently !)

Uniquement disponible pour linux, si quelqu’un a envie de nous faire un binaire pour Windows, qu’il le dise ^^

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