Nouvelle version WIP de ZSNES. Les nouveautés sont nombreuses.

– ALL: Finally implemented Anomie’s Matrix formula for Mode 7. Fixed Energy Breakers world map, IOG intro and some other stuff without breaking anything to my knowledge (hires mode7 still has issues). [Jonas Quinn]
– ALL: Cleaned up DSP code again, this time without removing code that was needed 😉 [pagefault]
– ALL: DSP1 – fixed up Op02 and Op06, and cleaned out the code from old garbage. Thanks The Dumper for the logs and Andreas Naive for reverse engineering the last very hard opcode. [Nach]
– ALL: Made mouse detection more verbose, and the reason for ManyMouse failing clear. [Nach]
– ALL: Removed a useless cmd line option (-sn). [Jonas Quinn]
– ALL: Some optimisations. [Jonas Quinn]
– ALL: Removed special timing for EHi roms. [Jonas Quinn]
– ALL: Fixed info for -p. [Deathlike]
– ALL: Prevented ‘auto state save/load’ & ‘auto increment state slot’ from interacting. Former takes precedence. [grinvader]
– ALL: Fixed % to execute setting. [Deathlike]
– ALL: Smarter re-rewind doesn’t lose any state, without any overhead. [grinvader]

– W_S: Added custom resolutions for S modes (Windows port) & F modes (SDL port) . Made SDL config file more verbose. [Deathlike, Nach]

– SDL: Some overhauling to the configure script, now using non-obsolete autoconf syntax. Updated year-old config.guess and .sub, as well. [grinvader]
– SDL: Made resizing (Variable OGL mode) center ZSNES output with unchanged ratio (ODR) [NBondoux].
– SDL: Added new OGL video mode, which behaves like the old variable mode (ODS). [grinvader]

– WIN: Updated wheel handling. [Nach]

– MOV: Option that causes more harm than help in most movies removed. [grinvader]

– PSR: No longer outputting C or config file comments in lines that are not to be included. [Nach]

– TOL: Updated archopt for Pentium 3 mobile, and new SSE3 Pentium M. [Nach]

– DOC: Updated authors list somewhat. [Nach]
– DOC: Removed Energy Breaker from todo list. [Jonas Quinn]

– SRC: Made Linux mouse error code use smaller buffer. [Nach]
– SRC: Made a switch to disable JMA in builds, fixed a typo in the manpage, dropped pitiful attempts at detecting x86-64. [grinvader]
– SRC: Removed unneeded code. [Nach, Jonas Quinn, grinvader]
– SRC: Fixed MSVC warnings [Jonas Quinn]

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