Nouvelle version de cet émulateur Sony Playstation.

v1.5 Added screenshot feature
Fixed GTE bug that caused graphical glitches in Legend of Legia
Fixed minor CDROM emulation bug
Adjusted GPU DMA timing to fix MDEC hangs in some games (Legend of Legia)
Check mask bit for lines (fixes DragonWarrior 7 menus)
Fixed spelling of « Quicksave » (yes, I suppose I am a « d u m b a s s » 😉
Use exe name for quicksaves (quicksaves are now per game)
Changed key assignments for quicksave (F1-F5=load, F6-F10=save)
Reset button for gamma/brightness/contrast in graphics dialog now works
ESC now quits emulator (in addition to ALT+F4)
Added DMA breakpoints
Fixed some miscellaneous debugger bugs

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