Nouvelle version pour ce programme assez particulier qui permet de debugger/ripper un ensemble de choses en relation avec les jeux Snes.

– new tools: Movie Editor (SMV, ZMV), CHT Editor
– new fields in the Cartridge window due to new SNES documentation at
– GUI: added checkbox for keeping the MemViewer memory source after loading a cart
– GUI: added Ctrl+? shortcuts for accessing the buttons
– SRC: added code for rendering 256-color BGs in DirectColor mode
– SRC: fixed sprite tile wrapping, incorporates DMV27´s sprite visibility info
– SRC: fixed sprite rendering (ypos. was off by one pixel)
– SRC: added better support for SNESGT savestates (still not perfect though)
– SRC: using a new, stream-based library for handling compressed files
– SRC: fixed screen rendering to output 5 bits per color channel, not 8
– SRC: added padding bytes to records ($align seems to have no effect)
– SRC: fixed some ListEditor issues
– SRC: IPS patching (hopefully) fixed

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