Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de Sinclair ZX80/ZX81/ZX Spectrum 16k/48k/ZX Spectrum 128k/Amstrad/Sinclair Spectrum +2/+2a/+3/ Timex TS1000/TS1500/TS2068/TC2048/Lambda 8300/Ringo R470/MicroDigital TK85 & Jupiter Ace, dont voici les nouveautés:

Version 0.42Y
– Rewritten MicroDrive code so FORMAT now works.
– Modified custom controls so EightyOne should be fully skinnable under XP.
– Fixed a polarity bug in ZX81 emulation when saving to a wav file.
– Rewritten display code using directX giving a huge speed boost.
– Added another Jupiter ACE sound board.

Version 0.42X
– Fixed Window resizing problems.
– Fixed Drag ‘n drop of Spectrum snapshot files.
– Moved Reset/NMI/Pause controls to separate menu.
– Added ability to save/load multiple configuration files.
– Added Interface 1 RS232 & Microdrive support.

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