XRoar est un émulateur Dragon32/64 mais aussi Tandy CoCo.

User-visible changes:
* Semigraphics mode 6 implemented.
* Virtual cassette writing supported. Control+W attaches a file for writing. Not available from the GP32 interface yet.
* While reading virtual cassettes, fake leader bytes are inserted when cassette motor is turned on. Improves compatibility with some CAS files.
* Cartridge ROMs can be inserted on the fly using Control+I (hold Shift to prevent autorun). Available in the usual menu on GP32.
* Windows32 UI has separate save dialog.
* Timing issue with short branches fixed (now « Dragonfire » game on CoCo looks ok).

Some behind-the-scenes changes:
* 6809 instruction loop function now keeps all registers local so compiler has more opportunities for optimisation.
* WD2797 emulation now implements CRC16, which should be useful later on when DMK loading is added (a format that preserves more information about the structure of the disk).

Télécharger Handy SDL 0.5 (337,4 Ko)

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