Source Changes
Fixed Address Error in Pairs Love (simulated ‘buffered ram’
protection?) [David Haywood]

Fixed Address Error in Grand Cross Pinball (it’s caused by the
sound IRQ..but the music player was ripped out by Aaron ages ago,
related?) I’ve disabled the IRQ rather for now rather than making
a new sound core. [David Haywood]

Fixed crash in debug builds running the Deco MLC games.
[David Haywood]

Updated the Tecmo Bowl, Gaelco 2, X-Men 6p, and Megatech drivers to
support dual screens. [David Haywood]

Changed VIDEO_UPDATE to return a set of flags. Only one flag is
currently defined, indicating that video has not changed at all
since the previous update. Most drivers should just return 0.
[Nathan Woods]

Changed the MSM5205 ADPCM decoder to no longer perform bounds
checking to prevent the signal from overflowing. The MSM5205 data
sheet clearly states that this isn’t the case, and there is no
overflow protection in the chip. Also, the chip’s internal DA
converter is just 10-bit, even if the processed signal is 12-bit.
[Nicola Salmoria]

Sega Model 2 driver update: [Ville Linde]
– i960 bugfixes
– SHARC improvements and bugfixes
– Added HLE of the geometry DSP for now
– Moved video hardware emulation to vidhrdw/model2.c and added
preliminary 3D graphics emulation

Taito JC driver update: [Ville Linde]
– Improved M68040 FPU emulation
– Improved the TMS320C51 core
– Added 2D graphics emulation
– Added inputs to all games
– Properly hooked up sounds in all games

Added « fast forward » function (defaults to the INSERT key). While
holding this key down, the frameskip is temporarily maxed out and
throttling is turned off. This is useful for skipping over parts of
the emulation. [Aaron Giles]

Fixed some glitchiness in font displaying where they would switch in
and out of scaled modes due to rounding errors. [Aaron Giles]

Cleaned up handling of layout dependencies in the makefile.
[Aaron Giles]

Fixed bug when clipping quads in Direct3D mode. [Aaron Giles]

Flipped Punchout and Playchoice drivers so that screen 0 is the
« main » screen. [Aaron Giles]

Added « left half » and « right half » to the Darius layouts so you can
stretch three screens over two, though you need to explicitly set
them either in the UI or using the -view0 and -view1 parameters on
the command line. [Aaron Giles]

Changed the initial UI screens to only compute their text a single
time. This reduces the CPU usage greatly when displaying some of the
« game doesn’t work » warnings. [Aaron Giles]

Added support for pausing/unpausing while showing graphics and
tilemaps. [Aaron Giles]

Added get/set calls to control layers on a per-target basis. This
allows for dynamic control of visibility of artwork layers and the
option to crop to the screen. Added menu items to control these
options. [Aaron Giles]

Removed options.use_artwork from the global options. This is now
directly configured by the OSD layer. [Aaron Giles]

Fixed edge case where the extra pixel on non-wrapping textures would
sometimes lead to exceeding the maximum texture size. [Aaron Giles]

Added concept of maximum texture size to the core renderer to prevent
giant textures from being requested if the OSD layer can’t handle
them. [Aaron Giles]

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