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MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
– coininputs0106u6gra [Canim]
– champbwl0106u9gre [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]

Source Changes
– Added dual screen support for the Dynax games, TX1, RockMS, some of
the Nichibutsu mahjong games, and Subs. [David Haywood]
– Complete DIP switches for Pairs Love. [Roberto Fresca]
– Some misc bugfixes to the Taito JC system. [Ville Linde]
– Cleaned up screenshot taking code, and re-connected the debugger
command that created them. [Nathan Woods]
– Added save state support to the centiped driver. Enabled save
states in the minivadr, zaxxon drivers. [Buddabing, Aaron Giles]
– Fixed PIA addressing regression in the Atari computer driver.
[Nathan Woods]
– Added rudimentary progress displays during ROM loading and graphics
decoding so you have something to look at instead of a black screen.
[Aaron Giles]
– Added support for remembering the selected view, rotation, and
artwork enabled states in the game’s cfg file. [Aaron Giles]
– The renderer no longer displays non-UI elements prior to
initialization. [Aaron Giles]
– Fixed keyboard LEDs so they work again. [Aaron Giles]
– Added back support for full screen brightness correction.
[Aaron Giles]
– Added support for +/- keys in the palette view. Added « tick marks »
when a large number of palette or gfx entires are displayed to
indicate which row/column the header refers to. [Aaron Giles]
– Made the UI keys for navigating the graphics/palette viewer
configurable. [Aaron Giles]
– Fixed inheriting of artwork files from parent. [Aaron Giles]
– Updated dotron, skydiver, spacewar, gorf, atarifb, sspeedr, gollygho,
and spyhunt drivers to support the new artwork system. [Aaron Giles]
– Made all solid single-color overlays standard pieces that can be
easily reused. [Aaron Giles]
– Converted all the internal layouts into .lay files and updated all
remaining drivers to use the new layouts. [Aaron Giles]
– Updated -listxml output to display information for multiple screens.
[Aaron Giles]

New clones added
– Cruisin’ World (version 2.4) [Aaron Giles]
– Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara (Euro 960208)

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