Nouvelle version de cet émulateur Atari 5200.

* Fixed Sounds when going to GUI menu and back to game (DAC reported)
* Fixed Castle Crises blanking during countdown (PRIOR=3 implemented)
* Fixed Moon Patrol screwy graphics up top (CPU branch cycle count, DAC reported)
* Fixed Moon Patrol checkpoints not showing (Show PM past JVB, DAC reported)
* Fixed BC’s Quest For Tires Crash (read from CONSOL, Trebor reported)
* Added Hangly Man and Pac-Man Plus hacks to cart list
* Added UI key mapping (PacManPlus request)
* Added toggle fullscreen UI key (Danno request)
* Fixed A.E. sprites not showing (PM colors in hi-res modes, Trebor,sut reported)
* Fixed Star Trek freezing up (AND not setting sign bit, sut reported)
* New default color palette for NTSC.
* Added Time Runner and Rally Speedway conversions to cart list
* Added Hi-Res modes artifact colors

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