Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de GameBoyAdvance et de Nintendo DS (qui émule à présent la partie 3D de la DS), en voici les améliorations:

– nds/dos: displays nds button X and button Y in redefine keys setup screen (anti c3)
– gba/bugfix: re-disabled NDS master_bright in GBA mode (port 6Ch is GBA sound2)
– help: uploaded gbatek txt/htm standalone versions (v2.3 news: 3d video, wifi)
– nds/help: firmware header chapter (added timestamp/version/type/unused info)
– wifi/emu: direct boot sets wifi regs (mainly bb) as done by firmware bootcode
– wifi/emu: emulate serial read/write to BB ports, and write to RF ports
– wifi/emu: emulates indirect wifi ram read/write access via ports 050h..076h
– wifi/emu: emulates wifi disable by powcnt2, emulates 8bit/16bit/32bit access
– wifi/emu: allocates/emulates 8K wifi RAM, emulates used/unused wifi io ports
– wifi/help: added write range: w_buf_wr_end (074h) and w_buf_wr_step (076h)
– wifi/help: added missing ports 078h and 09Ch, explained RF index/18bit data
– wifi/help: added random algorithm, added w_us_comparecnt (compare enable)
– wifi/help: added notes on read-mirrors when reading from write-only ports
– wifi/help: added bit-by-bit port descriptions, including unused/always0 bits
– wifi/help: corrected several (R)/(W)/(R/W) specifications, added r/w bitmasks
– wifi/help: matched doc to 80 column width, removed too-verbose stuff in iomap
– wifi/help: added wireless chapter (many thanks stephen stair’s ds wifi doc)
– nds/xcept: allows NDS7 to access 64K region at 4800000h (wireless wifi ports)
– nds/xcept: allows NDS7 to access 256K mirror at 27C0000h (commercial games)
– nds/xcept: allows ITCM mirror at 1FF8000h..1FFFFFFh (used by commercial games)
– nds/rtc: serial transfer timings firmware-compatible (on other edge than bios)
– nds/firmware: supports 512Kbyte firmware.bin (ie. chinese charset in iQue)
– nds/emu: emulates 512-byte backup eeprom (as used in metroid demo cartridge)
– nds/help: corrected auxspicnt (exchanged bit6/bit13, enable and hold flags)
– 3d/help: cleaned-up 3d matrix chapter (mtx_mode, and clip_mtx descriptions)
– 3d/help: added chapter on 2D scrolling/specialeffects/window used on 3D/BG0
– nds/video: emulates display capture from source A=bg/obj, fixed swap_buf time
– nds/help: added note on capture completion in line 192 (regardless of size)
– nds/iomap/help: corrected display capture read/write offsets (exchanged them)
– 3d/2d: emulates hscroll on 3D layer, prevents mosaic and vscroll on 3D layer
– debug/iomap: fixed position of « W0 W1 Obj Out » and « 1st 2nd Target » flags
– 3d/log: automatic comments on separate bits in poly_attr and teximage_param
– 3d: supports transparent rear-planes (for underlaying 2D plane) (metroid menu)
– 3d: enabled GL_NORMALIZE (required for normals when used with scaled matrix)
– nds/slot/dma: executes BURST only on START 0-to-1 (not on clearing MODE bits)
– nds/slot: cart transfer ready irq generated ONLY if enabled in 40001A1h.Bit6
– nds/touchscreen: works also in debug-window (not only in separate game window)
– nds/touchscreen: initializes calibration also when booted via bios/firmware
– nds/div/emu/help: DIV0 or MAX overkill: 32bit result is reversed-sign-expanded
– nds/div/emu/help: reserved mode3 is same as mode1, result/remain sign-expanded
– nds/div/emu/help: DIV0 sets remain=numer, result=+/-1 (sign opposite of numer)
– nds/div/emu/help: (-MAX / -1) overflow error returns (-MAX) (instead +MAX)
– 3d/iomap: added vertex (vtx16), normal vector, light colors, and light vectors
– 3d/iomap: added box test, pos test, pos test result, vec test, vec test result
– 3d/iomap: added edge color table, fog table, toon table, shininess table
– 3d/iomap: added current projection, position, direction, and texture matrices
– debug: disassembler: fixed Rm,Rs operand order for umull/smull/umlal/smlal
– 3d: texture mirror repeat (fully software emulated, pre_opengl_1.4 compatible)
– debug: changed .FNT DefaultChar from 2Eh to FFh (avoids WinXP bug) (jasper)
– 3d/log: log-file for all GX commands (format: PortNNN/CmdNN cmd_name params)
– 3d/log: auto-indent within begin/end, auto-wrap-indent for NxN matrix params)
– nds: re-init fpu-mode for 64bit INTEGER div/sqrt (required after opengl calls)
– 3d: fixed SCALE command (applied only to one matrix even in simultaneous mode)
– 3d: fixed mtx_load_4x3 command (applied to both matrices in simultaneous mode)
– 3d: emu: fixed vec_test (x,y,z,0) (4bit sign, instead 1bit sign+3bit integer)
– 3d: texcoord-transform fully software emulated (without GL_TEXTURE matrix)
– gba/help: added note on more complex invalid tiles with multiple BGs (jasper)
– 3d/help: added decal/modulation/toon/highlight chapter, and texcoord chapter
– 3d: texture 4×4 texel compressed format (incomplete, without interpolation)
– 3d: texture translucent formats, palette formats optionally color0 transparent
– 3d: bugfixed vtx_diff (9bit fraction is meant to be LSBs of 12bit fraction)
– 3d: material0.bit15 directly sets vertex color (for N’s « cube » demonstration)
– 3d: light/material/normal with forced begin/end-outbreak on GL_LIGHTING change
– 3d: calls gx_process_fifo to free-up gxfifo (when possible aka no swap active)
– 3d: get framebuf: reverses red/blue by table (for match-up with nds 2D engine)
– 3d: explodes (1)-5-5-5 RGB textures to « unpacked » OpenGL RGBA 8-8-8-8 format
– 3d: supports 16bit I/O-writes (eg. metroid demo: 16bit STRH to CLEAR_DEPTH)
– 3d: textures (metroid demo: « nintendo/actimagine » shown before intro-movie)
– 3d/help: added note on END_VTXS being a dummy command (no effect on hardware)
– 3d/help: added note on depth test, and on POLYGON_ATTR applied at BEGIN_VTXS
– 3d: enabled Depth Test, and emulated Depth Test modes (either Less, or Equal)
– 3d/iomap: displays VertexColor setting (Port 480h aka Cmd20h) in F10 screen
– gba/video: bugfixed rotscal tile-map mode (bugged since v2.2f) (thanks jasper)
– 3d: converts fixed-point-to-float by FMUL 1/1000h (faster than fscale or fdiv)
– 3d/help: added notes about clipping, and about light vectors and normal vector
– 3d: retrieves DIB bitmap data by movsd (glReadPixels doesn’t seem to work)
– 3d: supports begin/end quad/triangle/strips and all variants of vtx-commands
– 3d: forwards (software calculated) projection/modelview matrices to opengl
– 3d: supports clear color, clear depth, and applies viewport setting
– 3d: supports vertex color, and polyonattr alpha/wireframe/front/back settings
– 3d: pre-calculates 5bit R,G,B,A float values (for fast conversion via table)
– 3d: calls ChoosePixelFormat (killer-slow) (only if needed, not for 2D games)
– 3d: retrieves gl- and wgl- and PixelFormat proc addresses (quite fast)
– 3d: loads Opengl32.dll (killer-slow) (but, only if needed, not for 2D games)

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