Nouvelle version de cet excellent émulateur arcade dont voici les nouveautés :

* fix bad bg layer in seta games since the new automatic sprites handling
in 0.43.x.
* Robiza updated these sets to the latest mame versions : ainferno,
downtown, contcirc, and many others… also he added the latest cps1/cps2
clones from mame.
* Force auto-detection of joystick and sound in linux and windows *ALWAYS*
(config file is ignored for that now)
* -romcheck/-rc is now much faster, because the games are not loaded anymore
the zip files are just opened to check the crcs. It’s much enough for a
normal setup, and way faster than loading the games. Use -rcf if you want
a full check as before (which will detect more errors only if you load
your games unzipped, or if there is a bad sector in one of your zip
* In windows & linux, don’t synchronize anymore using the rdtsc. This is to
work around features like « cool and quiet », or cpufreq which allow modern
cpus to lower their frequency when they have no need to be fast.
The rdtsc is still used for the profiler display though (F11 key).
We now use code adapted from SDL_gfx to sync. It’s tested when the game
is droping frames and it seems to be perfect everywhere.
* Pressing P to play doesn’t put the game directly in pause mode anymore!
* Fix the bad sound in contcirc (actually I just muted it, because I didn’t
find the cause !). Same thing for darius2do.
* Work around the Microsoft® Digital Media Pro Keyboard being detected as a
joystick (at least in linux, don’t know if it’s the case in windows). All
inputs enabled when opening the joystick dialog are simply ignored now (it
reports some axis moved all the time).
* Added Steering wheel/Pedals support to continental circus (choose Cabinet:
Cockpit in the dsw to use this – I didn’t add any calibration for the
steering wheel, and I tested this with the one from gran turismo 3 !).
* These games can now run in any color depth : continental circus, battle
shark, chase hq, darius, darius2do, aqua jack
* When you launch a game by the command line, you can now give any dir name
instead of the short game name. For example « cybattler » or « darius_gaiden »
are now recognized.
* Fix again the sound in darius2 (not darius2do).
* The debian package installs correctly its data files in
/usr/share/games/raine and not /usr/share/raine as in 0.43.3

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PS :hé non je suis pas mort, SpacEmul will be back un jour peut-être 🙂