Haze vient de mettre à jour « son » émulateur Megadrive/SMS en conformité avec les nouvelles sources de Mame v0.108.

Haze Megadrive Emu 0.03a

Based on MAME 0.108

Nothing new with MD emulation, maybe stopped some crashes.

Started adding some SMS support in an attempt to improve the Sega System E drivers
for MAME. Hang On Jr. now runs with less glitches, for example, the scoreboard after
Game Over now displays properly (although I still don’t think the roadside objects /
background priority ‘problem’ is a real bug, probably just a limitation of the hardware)

A handful of SMS and Game Gear games are also supported for testing purposes, however
the SMS emulation is highly prelminary so many SMS games don’t currently work.

Again this should be considered more of a ‘current progress’ backup than anything else, the code certainly isn’t release quality, nor finished, however you’re welcome to enjoy it.

Télécharger X128 0.95B Open Alpha (1,2 Mo)

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