Nouvelle version de HazeMD et HazeMD Plus:

Based on MAME 0.108u2

Attempted to fix the Streets of Rage 2 crashing with a patch to streams.c.
It appears to request generation of too many samples, if this happens a warning
message now appears on the command line. Let me know if this actually fixes your
crashing problems. It’s not an ideal solution, and may cause a slight audio
glitch, but if it fixes the crashing it will have to do until I can find something

Please test using *THIS* build incase other builds forget to include the
streams.c change.

Added Backupram to the Dragon Slayer Games (remember, BackupRAM is handlded on a
case by case basis, there is no generic header based support in this emulator.)

Added some extra unlicensed sets (Pocket Monsters etc.) No idea if they’re 100%
playable, I’m just using some rom patches to get them booting for now.

I’m working on 6-button support, the code isn’t in the current build but I
currently have it working with SSF2, but for some reason UMK3 and Bruce Lee don’t
work with it. Does anybody know which other games make use of the 6-button pad?

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