Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur Sinclair-QL shareware tournant sous Windows 9x/NT/2K/XP.

Changes since last version:

* Emulation of Q40/Q60 high color video modes:
o 512x256x65536
o 1024x512x65536
* Extended 1024x768x65536 video mode, with the same video memory format and base address as the Q40/Q60 1024x512x65536 mode.
* Partial emulation of Aurora video modes:
o 512x256x4
o 1024x768x4
o 512x480x256
* QemuFast can now run recent versions of SMSQ/E. (Q-emuLator was already compatible with SMSQ/E, but not QemuFast). Also fixed a QemuFast code translation bug.
* SER driver: ‘v’ option to transmit/receive 7 bits instead of 8.
* SER driver: Keep RTS line enabled when not using handshaking.
* Debug_68k disassembler: Fixed disassembly of MULU/MULS/DIVU/DIVS and BTST/BCHG/BSET/BCLR instructions.

Note: High resolution modes need to be enabled in the QL Configuration window (Graphics tab) and are only available full screen.

Other recently added features:

* Compatible with recent versions of SMSQ/E for the Gold Card.
* Compatible with non-standard QL ROMs.
* Improved user manual in PDF format (courtesy of Phoebus Dokos).
* Added setup program to install/uninstall Q-emuLator.
* Write access to QXL.WIN disk images.
* TCP/IP driver: you can now browse the Interned with the QDOS port of Lynx, or use email or FTP.
* An integrated QL machine code debugger is now always available by pressing F11 if you install the debug_68k.dll optional component.

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