Nouvelle version pour le meilleur émulateur de Sega Saturn existant (suivit par Yabause).

Google Traduction :

– Execution processing of SH2 order was modified.
– It made dynamic recompiling exclusive use attendant upon that.
– The ended cord/code processing of VDP1 was corrected.
– It reaching the point where the person of Code R is indicated, it increases.
– The drawing processing of VDP1 was modified.
– MaximalSpriteNumbers option was abolished attendant upon that.
– It reaching the point where [suteraasaruto] SS moves, it increases.
– Mapping it did also the memory space which the mirror is done.

The software whose operation is doubtful from R9 is several, but
Because the fact that it is close with the apparatus is expectation of this version
(Timing being agreeable) is moving probably is until now accidentally….
After the SSF starting until the window becomes large, when the space is pushed,
The value of SH2 Instruction Numbers is dropped 6 temporarily comparatively.
As for the software which stops when this is done, there are times when it operates.
Not to modify setting, because also the [te] is good, perhaps convenienc

Télécharger SSF v0.12 Beta R4 (1,2 Mo)

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