Créé par Marat Fayzullin, voici un émulateur de Sinclair ZX Spectrums 16kB/48kB/128kB et +2/+2A/+3.

* Added Timex Sinclair HiRes and HiColor modes (HiRes currently downscaled to 256 pixels).
* Fixed Timex Sinclair PSG-based joystick interface.
* Added an option for playing tape sounds.
* Added Windows joystick support.
* Added joystick button configuration.
* Inlined RdZ80() function for better performance.
* Replaced « updates per VBlank » (-uperiod) with « percentage of skipped frames » option (-skip).
* StretchBlt() slowdown problem in Windows 2000/XP solved.
* [ALT]+[F4] now quits application in Windows, as it should.
* Properly saving CPU time when inactive, waiting for a key or display sync.
* Properly checking sound track logging menu option on [F2].

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