Nouvelle version de cet émulateur Sega Megadrive basé sur MAME et MESS.

Haze Megadrive Emu 0.11a

Made the ‘Arcade’ bootleg of the Genesis version of Super Street Fighter 2 work.
This version takes coins and plays like an arcade game, (real credits, dips etc.)
but is based on the Japanese Genesis release of the game. Probably made either
because it was low-cost, or because nobody had found a way to bootleg CPS2 at the
time. (set name ssf2ghw )

Thanks to stephh for the help with this one.

This will be added to MAME one day, can’t give an ETA on when because I want to
be 100% happy with the code and compatibility of the MegadDive and SMS emulation
before I port it back.

*maj* HazeMD32 est disponible.

Télécharger X128 0.95B Open Alpha (1,2 Mo)

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