Ootake est basé sur le source de PC2E et en améliore le contenu.

– The volume and the tone quality of the PSG noise sound were adjusted, and
it was made to listen easily in any PC (speaker) environment.
– The processing of the VRAM access was modeled on the movement of a real
machine. (When « 21emon Mezase Hoteru Ou » was played, the problem of the
character representation was solved.)
– When « Mugen Senshi Valis » was played, the problem that the voice was not
corresponding to animation was solved.
– When « BURAI Hachigyoku no Yuushi Densetsu » was played, the problem that
drawing around the window has fallen into disorder was solved.
– The drawing processing when the scanning line was used was sped up a
– The speed was elaborately adjusted, and it modeled it on a real machine.

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