Un émulateur Sinclair ZX80, ZX81, Jupiter ACE, Memotech & du G007 HRG développé par Mike Wynne.

– Added ZX81/ASCII character view in TZX file viewer
– Added ability to save screenshots as .bmp files
– Readded feature to convert a block from wave->TZX, though this only works for
zx81 style blocks (atm).
– Added ACE 96k Ram Pack
– Fixed bug in Memotech Hi-Res emulation and added Memotech magic button
– Fixed a couple of bugs in Timex graphics modex
– Piters CF interface now appears working 🙂
– Added Write Protect to Windows formatted drives. Changed default CHS for USB
connected drives. (source emufrance)
– Added ability to write to real hard drives/flash cards under divIDE/ZXCF/etc.
– Rearranged the Hardware dialogue. Added Jupiter ACE CF interface.
– GDI is back! You can now select which render method looks/works best for your
– Reduced the size of the border slightly in « small border ».
– The new
size fits a PC screen better in Fullscreen mode. Fixed a bug where you couldn’t
load files from ZXCF on a 48k machine. Added Multiface and Spectrum SE emulation.
– Fixed 1Mbyte only config on ZXCF interface.

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