Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur PCEngine/TG16 basé sur PC2E:

– Processing related to interrupt was modeled on a real machine more.
(When « Exile(XZR) » was played, the problem to which the image of the
visual scene had been occasionally delayed was solved. When « Varis » was
played, the bug to which the opening demonstration becomes pitch-dark (It
is generated by v0.77) was corrected. And I think the operation timing of
other software has approached a real machine, too.)
– When « Exile(XZR) » was played, It came to be drawn to the visual scene
after the last boss correctly.
– The joy pad setting for « three button pad » can have been preserved.
(The key is allocated in « III[=RUN] button » and « IV[=SELECT] button ».)
– « Initialize Pad #1-#5 » was added to « Input » menu.
– In specific foreign language input environment (IME), trouble to which the
Joy putt was not able to be set was corrected.
– When « Music CD player » built into « System Card » was played, the problem of
the elapsed time display was corrected.
– The volume balance of CD-DA sound source and a built-in sound source was
modeled on real machine more.

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