Voici ce que la prochaine version de cet émulateur SMS/GG/SG-1000/SC-3000 devrait intégrer:

– Updated k.
– Emulation:
– Fixed data corruption/overflow in VDP emulation when seeking and
writing to an invalid palette address. Thanks Maxim. [Omar]
– VDP palette write do not mask out current VDP address, so performing
the (unprobable) set address/access palette/access VRAM sequence will
keep address in the full 16KB range. [Omar]
– Fixed VDP line interrupts not properly running in overscan area in
224 lines mode. Fixes bottom of the screen in Charles Mac Donald’s
BB2K6 demo. [Omar]
– Video:
– Changed default fullscreen blitter configuration in the hope of getting
something more compatible (640×480 by default), as so many people have
problems with fullscreen modes.
– Got rid of « parallel » blitter that displayed both odd and even frame
next to each other. Seems useless now. Could be brought back if some
four-eyed person request it. [Omar]
– Debugger:
– Added « CLOCK » command, to display/reset a Z80 cycle counter.
Very simple but can be helpful to time Z80 routines. [Omar]
– (Win32) Forward debugging log to Windows debugging stream via
OutputDebugString(), so running MEKA from Microsoft Visual studio
will display log in the ‘Output’ window. [Omar]
– Project:
– (Win32) Added new targets supporting shared standard libraries. [Omar]
– Updated SOURCES.TXT documentation. [Omar]
– GUI:
– Fixed background picture not loading on startup. [Omar]
– Removed closing fadeout since the current implementation is way
inefficient and cannot garantee proper speed. [Omar]
– Fixed bug with window closing button widget. [Omar]
– Fixed bug when quitting using the menu, configuration files were
not saved. Thanks Jacko. (Omar)
– (Un*x) Fixed bug where menus would not clear themselves. [Omar]
(This was due to Allegro.h defining TRUE as -1 and a 1 value being
hardcoded in some part of the code).
– Added and modified entries in the checksum and compatibility lists. [Omar]

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