Un émulateur de Sinclair Zx 81 basé sur vb81 v1.30 de Chris Cowley.

– Auto-Loader: VB81.exe c:p_filesprogram.p is ok.
– Basic: New ! A Basic tool-kit to renumber Basic’s lines and add a big Rem line!
– Wellcome to the Zx81 classic (1k) and Sinclair Ram pack 16k! … ts1000 too …
– Disassembler:
* now, stay on the same memory offset after a refreesh command (hex to dec…).
* mnemonic’s scan is faster.
– ASM2:
* Export to the 2 rem is now available.
* « Unprotect rems » work properly.
– Help:
* Keys assembleur’s table added.

Télécharger BKBTL Beta 13 (r207) (484,8 Ko)

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