Un émulateur de TI89 (et 89 Titanium), TI92 ( II et +) et V200. Ce qui correspond aux plus puissantes calculatrices de chez TI vendu dans le commerce. Vous aurez besoin du module GTK disponible ici: http://gladewin32.sourceforge.net.

* TiEmu 3 changes:

- [kevin] $2264: use kde-config to locate KDE instead of hardcoded directories which were missing /usr/lib64

- [kevin] $2265: fix --enable-shared-itcl so the shared libitcl and libitk are built with -fPIC

- [kevin] $2269: remove special-casing of __MACOSX__ from some include paths which shouldn't be needed

- [kevin] $2270: fixed memory leaks in config file handling

- [kevin] $2271: fixed about dialog not closing when Close is clicked with GTK+ 2.10

- [kevin] $2274: don't proceed to ROM image wizard step 3 if importing the image failed

- [roms] $2276: GDK_WINDOW_TYPE_HINT_ was set to NORMAL instead of DIALOG. Very annoying because this makes the window appears in the top of all others.

- [roms] $2278: fixed window resizing which was disabled (but note that Windows resizing is an ugly hack because

gtk_window_set_hints does not work properly under Windows).

- [roms] $2280: set 'Debug file with TiEmu' unsensitive when build in no-gdb mode

- [roms] $2282: added 'quick send' feature in -gdb version. This allows to by-pass the file selection box.

- [roms] $2298: fixed memory leak in scroptions (folder name was not freed)

- [roms] $2299: make 'quick send' options persistent

- [roms] $2300: make 'quick send' feature available in both versions. Popup menu reworked.

- [roms] $2303: output a message about OLE (un)registration

- [roms] $2308: added DnD support for changing skin, sending files and importing images

- [roms] $2321: store *.sav files in the images folder rather than polluting the application top folder

- [roms] $2322: updated to use API changes of tifiles2 v1.0.3

- [kevin] $2335: fixed the Tcl/Tk code in Insight so it can be debugged with the TclPro debugger

- [kevin] $2337: add xdg-open in front of the list of browsers

* libticonv changes (roms): (none)

* libticables2 changes (roms):

- probe_usb_devices: returns an empty array rather than garbage when function fails

- be a little more verbose about nodes permissions and compiled options

(I received many mails which lacks those information)

- fixed build when linux/ticables.h is not available (kevin)

- 64-bit driver is v3.5, 32-bit one is v3.6: request v3.5

- fixed pause in Linux support: usleep uses us rather than ms.

* libtifiles2 changes (roms):

- don't check device_type if data_type is TI89_LICENSE, old 89u files

use DEVICE_TYPE_73 (kevin)

- added new values to FileClass (os, app and tib) enumeration and

added the following convenient functions: tifiles_file_is_os and


- added tifiles_file_test function which was planned for a (long)


- fixed tifiles_file_write_tigroup which deleted the output file!

* libticalcs2 changes (roms):

- fixed memory overlap in send_flash_app (may be related to bug #1583155)

- Kevin discovered a new D-USB command (0x11) which is related to remote control!

- DirectLink remote control support implemented for Titanium

- rom dumping is now remote controlled

- 89/92/92+: set to HOME screen before sending dumping program

* TiLP 2 (included in the Fedora RPMs only, see http://www.ticalc.org for source

and Windows packages by roms) changes (roms):

- removed non-working leftovers from old Cocoa port, made OS X work like Linux instead (kevin)

- fixed locale directory (kevin)

- fixed memory leaks in config file handling (kevin)

- fixed Manpage.txt file name for non-Win32 and MinGW (kevin)

- fixed COPYING and RELEASE file names for MinGW (kevin)

- fixed about dialog not closing when Close is clicked with GTK+ 2.10 (kevin)

- remap USB hand-helds from/to config file and from command line (bug)

- renamed executable tilp-2 into tilp

- renamed manpage accordingly (kevin)

- added xdg-open in front of the list of browsers (kevin)

- add trailing slash for directory (otherwise, dirname with spaces

like 'My Files' are not opened properly)

- fixed sending of vars into archive thru the App node

- Titanium/USB dumper is now launched remotely

* Fedora RPM changes:

- xdg-utils (1.0.0 or later) is now required.[/CODE]