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MAMETesters Bugs Fixed


m4_0111u4gra [Mike Ellery]

mouser0112yel [Mamesick]

bnj0111u5ora [Canim]

Source Changes


Improvements to the Cidelsa driver: [Curt Coder]

- Fixed the disassembly of cdp1802 opcode LSKP

- Changed the cdp1802 opcode OUT to increment R(X) after calling the

write handler

- Set cdp1869 display size and visible area according to data sheet

- Added cdp1869 CFC emulation (probably never used by anything but

just for completeness' sake)

- Cleaned up driver

Improvements to the M2 driver: [Ville Linde]

- Added preliminary CD controller emulation

- Hooked up some more multi-processor functionality and interrupts

Improvements to C352 sound emulator: [cync, hoot development team]

- Rewrote loop and flag handling, added support for global key-on


- Fixed state saving

Worked around compilation error on MSVC that caused "Calendar error"

in the Neo Geo games. [Atari Ace]

Rewrote much of the RF5C400 sound emulator to support looping, stereo

panning, and 8-bit sample support.

[hoot development team, Ville Linde]

Removed patch from mjleague now that it is not needed.

[Arenzo Fabrice]

Fixed bubbletr crosshairs. [Canim]

Cleaned up information in mamedriv.c. [Brian Troha]

Added save state support for all games in gng.c, gunsmoke.c, lasso.c,

solomon.c and terracre.c. [Vas Crabb]

Replaced implementation of Namco 54xx sound chip with new MB8844 CPU

core running the original embedded ROM code. Removed old sound core.

Pole Position and Bosconian no longer require samples as a result.

[Nicola Salmora, Ernesto Corvi, Guru]

Added new function driver_get_count() to return the number of drivers.

[Nathan Woods]

Added a bunch of new protection routines for SD Gundam & Heated

Barrel. [Angelo Salese]

Input system changes: [Derrick Renaud]

- Added new IPT_POSITIONAL control type. This is for Ikari type

rotary controls and gray-code devices like Seawolf. This makes

rotary and gray-code controls easy to enter without custom


- Fixed some rounding and min/max errors in the core input code.

- Modified crosshair code to be based on real scaling, see Seawolf

for an example. It can now also have multiple crosshairs on one

input port if needed.

- Added back in the namcos2 crosshairs. Turns out they are needed

for calibration.

- Removed the gwar control hack from the Ikari games that did not

need it. Modified the gwar control hack so it is only used for 1

frame, making it unnoticeable.

- Updated boothill, gunfight, seawolf, spcenctr to use the new


Fixed the exidy/stern-sb1000 6840-based sound hardware to use what

is believed (based on the schematic) to be the proper LFSR/PRNG

waveform for its secondary clock source. [Lord Nightmare]

Updated Dragon Bowl to use HOLD_LINE for sound IRQs. Also did the same

for the following drivers: afega, ettrivia, funybubl, jack, mustache,

seta, trvmadns, wink. [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]

Changed 6809/6309 CPU cores to call the MAME debugger when CWAI/SYNC

is used. [Nathan Woods]

Fixed uninitialized use of video_dma_address to address the rfjet

crash in 64-bit builds. [Ville Linde]

Added support for the Motorola MPC8240 to the PowerPC core.

[Ville Linde]

Improved ZIP file searching to look first for name + CRC match, second

for CRC-only match, and lastly for name-only match. [Ben Rudiak-Gould]

Verified and improved stepper behavior based on comparison with a

real machine. [James Wallace]

Changed file2str to work for any binary file and output the data as

an array of bytes rather than a string. [Aaron Giles]

Made UI font size computations more flexible. This ensures that fonts

are scaled vertically by an integral factor and should produce nice

proportions for most fonts now. [Aaron Giles]

Added new function sound_find_sndnum_by_tag() to look up a sound

index by its tag. [Aaron Giles]

Made osd_uchar_from_osdchar a member of the osdcore file library.

[Aaron Giles]

Created new generic bitmap management code with fewer dependencies on

the rest of MAME so that it can be used by utility code. Changed

bitmap_alloc to always take a format parameter. Deprecated

bitmap_alloc_format. Updated all drivers to pass an explicit format

when allocating a bitmap. Changed auto_bitmap_alloc in the same

fashion. [Aaron Giles]

Split some functionality from fileio.c into new module corefile.c,

which can be used by utilities to get unicode support and fopen-style

file I/O built on top of the OSD routines. Rebuilt fileio.c on top of

the core file code. Added mame_core_file() to get the underlying

core_file object from a mame_file so it can be used with png and

xmlfile code. [Aaron Giles]

Changed the way the tiny build works. There is now the concept of a

SUBTARGET. By default SUBTARGET is set equal to TARGET (which is mame)

and everything builds as normal. The makefile that is included is now

src/$(TARGET)/$(SUBTARGET).mak. Thus, to do a tiny build, you now

have to specify "make SUBTARGET=tiny". This will produce an output

executable with a name $(TARGET)$(SUBTARGET) (mametiny in this case).

[Aaron Giles]

Turned ENABLE_BORDER_PIX back on, since so many people seem to be

having trouble without it. [Aaron Giles]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status


Cash Quiz [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]

Sidewinder [smf]

New clones added


Power Spikes (China) [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]

Rastan Saga (Japan Rev 1) [Gerald Coy]

Eco Fighters (USA 931203) [Nicola Salmoria]

Ultimate Ecology (Japan 931203) [Nicola Salmoria]

Eco Fighters (Asia 931203) [Nicola Salmoria]

Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge (Hispanic 950403) [Nicola]

Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge (Brazil 950403) [Nicola][/CODE]

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